Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge

Roddy Hall has just returned from an excellent few days at Gkhui Gkhui Lodge in South Africa targeting smallmouth yellowfish on dry flies and nymphs and the impressive largemouths – South Africa’s mahseer, which run up to and exceed 20lbs, on streamers.

We are pleased to offer excellent packages at a competitive price at this luxury fishing and hunting retreat. Roddy spent many years living in South Africa and is always happy to advise on the best this wonderful country has to offer.

Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge, on the Orange River not far from Kimberley, is that rare thing, a destination that offers excellence in every area. A large family owned tract of land that runs up to the Orange River means private access to one of the finest fly fishing stretches of this prime yellowfish river.

The Lodge offers excellent wildfowling, including from boats at the side of river, flighting ducks and geese at dawn and dusk, and is a premier plains game hunting operation. Walked-up shooting for francolin and other species is also available. Rafting and other activities, including an excellent spa, sightseeing in the area and superb cuisine mean this is an ideal family break. Access is varied but very straightforward. There are two domestic airports close by and good value helicopter transfers to the Lodge are also possible. Otherwise the lodge is an easy drive from either nearby airport or even from Cape Town or Johannesburg, although these two are longer full-day drives.

We would suggest a great time to visit is October or November. This is a prime time on the river and you will also be able to wing shoot and hunt if desired. The weather will be a welcome break from Europe at that time of year and we would suggest a few days in Cape Town or the Cape Winelands before or afterwards. South Africa certainly offers the best value luxury sporting breaks anywhere at the moment and it is one place sterling still goes a long way.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information on booking a trip to Gkhui Gkhui Lodge.