Giant Golden Dorado at Pluma Lodge, Bolivia

Farlows Travel Newsletter #8

Fish for Giant Golden Dorado at Pluma Lodge, Tsimane, Bolivia

1st December 2017

Farlows Travel has secured a prime week at Tsimane, Bolivia fishing for specimen golden dorado.

Giant Golden Dorado, Tsimane, BoliviaTsimane is amongst the best golden dorado fisheries in the world and is located where virgin Amazon jungle meets the Andes. The rivers run clear through the stunning landscape, offering amazing wading and sight fishing opportunities for large, wild dorado as they migrate upstream following their prey.

We are hosting the week 21st to 28th September 2018 and have rods available, priced at US$7,600 per person. To secure a place on this prime week, please email: [email protected] or telephone: 020 7484 1006.

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Tsimane, Bolivia