Farlows Travel Newsletter #4

Why Book Your Trip Through Farlows Travel?

16th November 2017

With destination details and catches now blazed all over the internet why would anyone still wish to book a fishing trip via an agent?


A decade or two ago, access to prime rods in faraway lodges and remote rivers was only available to those in the know, and through agents who had do the ground work to get to know the details behind the trip.

Now the world is a different place, we can view our friends’ (and strangers’) views on multiple destinations every day through social media and the power of the internet means we can also approach destinations directly as individual fishers. So why still use one of the professional agents out there?

There are many reasons, but first and foremost any reputable agent will not charge you extra for their services, so you get a lot of expert advice and inside information that you can rely on – totally free of charge. Any agent’s reputation is built on knowledge and reliability and while social media can be a useful exchange of information, a pretty good filter is often necessary!

So why use Farlows Travel rather than one of the other agents out there? This is, of course, down to personal preference, but we feel that Farlows Travel has a lot to offer.

The small team at Farlows Travel has decades of experience, but within the wider Farlows Group organisation, that also includes Farlows and Sportfish, we have not only decades, but centuries, of fishing experience. We only recommend destinations where someone in the organisation has travelled to, and we will always make the effort to discuss great places to fish within the organisation.

In addition to fishing expertise we also have the tackle, equipment and clothing knowledge you require to ensure the success of your trip, and we can offer Farlows Travel clients 10% off all their requirements for any trip booked with us. Furthermore, with our team of qualified instructors at the Sportfish Game Fishing Centre, near Reading, we also offer all clients a free casting masterclass when they book a trip, geared specifically to where they will be going.

Feel like talking to someone face to face about the options for upcoming travel? Then just drop into our premises in central London for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Farlows Travel has a good relationship with all our destinations and you can be assured that not only will you be well looked after before you depart, but also during your stay and, if you fancy a de-brief, upon your return too. So if you are thinking of doing something a little different, give us a call and we will be happy to talk travel and fishing!

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