For many people, particularly in Europe, Iceland is the ultimate salmon fishing destination. It is a short, easy flight, serviced by multiple airlines and, what is more, it is possible to leave home after breakfast and be fishing the afternoon session on one of the rivers in the south-west on the same day!

Although most rivers are just opening now, it seems that generally there has been a strong start to the season and on the Grimsa our small team managed to land 40 fish on the first day, a mixture of grilse and two-sea winter fish. They were all in beautiful condition and very fresh.

The charm of the Grimsa, like many rivers in Iceland, is that the water is so clear you can see fish in many pools and watch them react to your fly. The frustration of course is when you know there are fifty fish in a pool, and you are covering them perfectly well, but they are really not interested in taking your fly!

Fishing with a single-handed rod is always exciting on a salmon river and these fish really get the adrenaline going on light tackle and the combination of deep pools and fast flowing water mean that your heart is in your mouth for a lot of the fight. All in all it was a very exciting few days’ fishing and we are all waiting in anticipation to see how the season develops on these fantastic rivers.

As in any salmon river these days, a strong and healthy run is down to a lot of hard work behind the scenes and it is great that the reward seems to be there this season.

Roddy Hall

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