World’s End Lodge – Rio Irigoyen

World's End Lodge, Rio Irigoyen - Argentina

Providing access for 4 anglers on 15 miles of the famous and intimate Rio Irigoyen, World's End Lodge pits you against trophy Patagonian sea trout deep in the 'land of fire' - Tierra del Fuego.

Type of fishing

World’s End Lodge, located in the southernmost region of Tierra del Fuego – Patagonia, offers fishing for 4 rods per week on 15 miles of the Rio Irigoyen extending upstream from the South Atlantic Ocean.

The tree-lined Rio Irigoyen has become famous in the world of sea trout fishing, not only for the remarkable size of its fish, but also for the unique fishing styles and methods used.

As a small to medium-sized river, the Irigoyen is well-suited to single-handed rods and anglers must fish around structure and features in the river to entice the trophy sea-run brown trout that lie below.

Casts seldom have to be longer than 15 yards and fishing is conducted in various ways – swinging flies downstream, casting upstream and dead-drifting nymphs or stripping streamers – you’ll be in expert hands with the World’s End Lodge guiding team who are highly experienced in all facets of sea trout fishing.

The presence of trees along the river helps to minimise the influence of the wind and attracts many wildlife species to the area.

In addition to migratory sea trout, resident brown trout are present and you may run into a robalo or two when fishing the lower pools close to the sea. Robalo are a saltwater fish, comparable in some ways to a European sea bass, and can make for great sporting fish in their own right.