Tsimane – Pluma

Tsimane - Pluma, Bolivia

Tsimane is wild and remote and is located where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes. Its gin-clear rivers afford anglers the opportunity to cast to many different jungle species including two different species of dorado and the yatorana, pound for pound one of the strongest freshwater fish in the world.

Type of fishing

Tsimane blends the greatest aspects of fly fishing: sight casting, freestone wading, light tackle, floating lines, majestic scenery, mountain rivers with clear, virgin water and four exotic game fish species of significant size and fighting capabilities.

Based out of the comfort of the main Pluma Lodge and the two headwater out-camps, anglers have access to three different and unique rivers: the Pluma River, the Itirizama River and the lower Secure River.

This broad variety of waters and pools allow groups to fish fresh water every day and rarely, if ever, repeat the same fishing beat. The water types very from deep pools to rugged terraced pocket water.

Despite a huge population of dorado, fishing in these rivers can still be challenging as although the species are voracious hunters they can be spooky and every pool and run must be analyzed and a plan developed with your guide.

To be able to shoot 60 feet of line in a couple of false casts and place your fly accurately and at the right time during a feeding frenzy is critical and a powerful and long double haul definitely helps. As the recommended flies are quite large and awkward to cast accurately, brushing up on your casting before arrival is time well spent and, with our team of experienced instructors, this is something we at Farlows Travel can arrange for you if required.