Tres Valles Lodge

Tres Valles Lodge, Argentina

In the heart of southern Patagonia, Tres Valles Lodge is a trout fishing paradise, with many of the regions finest rivers and lakes quite literally on your doorstep.

Type of fishing

Tres Valles Lodge is situated in southern Patagonia, located in one of the world’s finest trout fishing areas and provides access to a huge variety of rivers and lakes, all of which hold excellent stocks of fish.¬†

Below are some of the key systems on which Tres Valles guides operate:


Rio Pico

This freestone river flows to the Pacific Ocean from its source in Chubut’s semi-desert region, working its way through the valleys of the Andes where mountain creeks join with it. This is a mid-sized river which is well-suited to driftboating.

The Rio Pico is great for light dry fly and nymph fishing where it’s often possible to sight-cast to fish, sometimes very large fish in high water conditions.

Rio Pico’s key species are rainbow trout and brown trout, though king salmon are sometimes encountered late in the season as they run up the river to spawn.


Rio Corcovado

The Rio Corcovado is another freestone river with well-defined pools separated by lengths of white water. Much od the river runs through pampas grasslands which give it a calmer, meandering feel.

This is an ideal river to fish from a driftboat or to stop off and wade its many deep pools. The Corcovado can hold large migratory rainbow trout and brook trout which run up the river from Lago Vinter, in addition to king salmon on rare occasions.

The Corcovado’s deep pools respond well to streamer fishing with sinking lines, though there can be fantastic insect hatches during the summer months too.


Rio Pampas

This is another freestone river where the upper section flows through one of the main valleys of the estancia. Long runs and riffles make this a nymphing paradise and it’s not unusual to land up to 20 good-sized trout in a day.

Here you’ll find mostly brown trout and larger fish can be targeted by sight-casting.


Rio Nilson

A mid-sized freestone river with crystal-clear water perfect for dry fly fishing. This river holds an abundant population of mid-sized trout as well as the occasional trophy fish.


Arroyo Negro

This narrow, flat spring creek flows right through the main valley of Tres Valles estancia. Don’t let its small size fool¬† you, this tiny channel can hold some really big trout.

A technical approach with short, lightweight rods is a must and can make for exhilarating sport when you hook a good fish.


Laguna Vilchez

Vilchez is a lake fished solely by guests at the estancia and holds good numbers of rainbow, brown and brook trout. This is your best chance of hooking a truly monstrous trout, with fish having been recorded up to 15lbs in weight.

The lake can be fished by boat or by wading.