Trentino - Italy

The Alto Sarca area of eastern Trentino boasts over 300kms of fishable rivers, in addition to numerous lakes. Marble trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, char and grayling thrive here in the region's clear and cool Alpine waters.

Type of fishing

The Alto Sarca area in eastern Trentino is one of the best fishing locations in Italy. The 300kms of water, under licence to the Alto Sarca Fishing Association, includes numerous rivers of different sizes and flows, and also many lakes.

The fish population includes marble trout, including some very large ones, brown trout, rainbow trout, hybrids, grayling and in several high mountain lakes, char. The main course of the River Sarca, highly accessible from the road, has an almost perfectly natural bed with a generous capacity, deep holes and a good current to fly fish.

With it’s charming tributaries and unspoilt alpine lakes, the River Sarca region offers fantastic fishing. The variety of environments, the creation of specific zones that are exclusively for two fishers when pre-booked, and the chance to fish different techniques make this a wonderful destination.

Generally you will be fishing upstream with dry flies or small nymphs for fish you can see, or fishing downstream with streamers in the bigger stretches. Floating lines are the order of the day.