Tongariro Lodge

Tongariro Lodge, New Zealand

Tongariro Lodge, on the southern shores of Lake Taupo, was established in 1982 and has earned an excellent reputation for gourmet dining, fine accommodation, quality outdoor activities and some of the most experienced fly fishing guides in New Zealand.

Type of fishing

Wild rainbow and brown trout have thrived better in the Lake Taupo system than anywhere else in New Zealand. Trophy trout over 10lb are landed by Tongariro Lodge guests each year, and there is an overall average of around 4lb.

The Tongariro River itself is the most famous fly fishing river in New Zealand and every year over 50 thousand prime trout migrate up this river from Lake Taupo, providing truly amazing year-round fly fishing opportunities.

Guides provide access to over 40 rivers and three lakes and they offer the most diverse range of rainbow and brown trout fly fishing opportunities in New Zealand.

The Lodge run their own rafts, four wheel drive vehicles and boats, and have some of the best back country nymph and dry fly fishing for sighted browns and rainbows to be found anywhere. In addition, helicopter access options offer truly remarkable fishing, but are by no means necessary.