Tarponville, Costa Rica

Tarponville, Costa Rica

Tarponville is Costa Rica's southernmost fishing lodge located on the Caribbean coast close to the border with Panama, offering visiting anglers the chance at some of the largest tarpon in the world.

Fishing at Tarponville

For many years, rumours abounded of great numbers of large tarpon congregated around the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, close to the the border with Panama.

After a number of exploratory trips, sport-fishing specialists were able to develop a fishing operation, Tarponville, in this previously unknown sport-fishing paradise. In this area, tarpon averaging 90-120 pounds are consistently caught on fly. Ten hookups in a morning session is not unheard of and tarpon weighing over 200 pounds have also been landed… on fly!

Importantly, the fishing waters around Tarponville are situated in a wildlife and marine reserve – the Mazanillo/Gandoca Wildlife Refuge, ensuring effective management and protection of the fish and habitat. It’s fair to say that the sporting possibilities in this region have set a new standard for tarpon fishing and, whether you are a seasoned saltwater fly fisher or a novice looking for your first tarpon on a fly, Tarponville caters to all abilities.

If you are serious about catching a huge tarpon on the fly, Tarponville simply must be on your to-do list…