Tapam, Nicaragua

An adventure on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua of interest to any serious tarpon fisherman.Travel into the jungle, stay in a lodge and fish for tarpon that are genuinely huge. Fish of 150lb plus are hooked most weeks with 200lb plus fish always possible.

Type of fishing

This is a very special Nicaraguan tarpon location that was a secret until recently, even now it is only a few lucky anglers that get the opportunity to fish here.

Jungle tarpon grow huge because of the quantity of food available for them to prey upon. This surfeit of natural food can make the fishing challenging and, although the fish are not stupid, when feeding hard it is possible to hook four or five in an hour.  At other times you may see more big tarpon in a day than you have seen for weeks at other destinations – but getting a bite seems almost impossible!

In an average week four fly anglers fishing from two boats will hook between 20 and 25 tarpon and land around a third of those. That’s not that many fish but during some weeks the average size can be 80 to100lb and the largest fish of the week is usually between 150 and 180lb. 

Anglers fish from 23 foot super pangas that have ample room on the bow and stern so that two anglers can cast at the same time. Fishing usually starts around six in the morning and ends when it is dark, broken by lunch and a siesta at the lodge, making a long day but maximising fishing opportunities.