Explore the famous Sava, Soča, Krka and Idrija rivers on a hosted Slovenian fly fishing tour. There's no substitute for local knowledge. That's why we work with the best local guides to build bespoke itineraries ensuring that you experience the finest fly fishing the country has to offer.

Fly Fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia has become well-known in fly fishing circles over the past few years, highly regarded for its beautiful gin-clear rivers that are home to unique strains of wild trout and grayling. However, for a country roughly the same size as Wales, Slovenia boasts an incredible 28,000km of river watercourses, meaning that arranging a fly fishing trip can seem a little bit daunting. Where do you start?

That’s why we’ve partnered up with SteynWaters to offer bespoke hosted trips headed by local guides who know each river like the back of their hand. Hosted trips can accommodate groups of up to 8 fishers, enabling you to explore the famous Sava, Soča, Krka and Idrija rivers, amongst many other less well-known tributaries a little further from the beaten track.

Slovenia’s waters are home to native brown trout, marble trout, grayling and huchen, as well as naturalised rainbow trout, helping to provide fantastic variety to your typical fishing day. The rivers themselves are as varied as the species that reside in them. You’ll find yourself stalking trout amidst enormous fly hatches in crystal-clear mountain streams, fishing nymphs through fast flowing highland rivers and matching the stonefly or mayfly hatch to cast dry flies at rising fish in large, meandering lowland waterways.

Our hosted trips run from May to June and then again from September to October. It’s during these periods that the weather is most settled. As with all types of fishing, the weather and prevailing conditions at any given time dictate where and how best to fish. Our guides’ local knowledge and experience means that, regardless of the conditions you face, you can be sure that you’re fishing on the best river and standing in the best spot.