Salvelinus – Spanish Pyrenees

Salvelinus - Spanish Pyrenees

Salvelinus gives unrivalled access to the astounding variety of fishing available in the Pyrenees region, from high mountain streams containing rare zebra trout, to larger, meandering rivers home to trophy browns and rainbows.

Type of fishing

Located in the Spanish Pyrenees and easily reached from both Barcelona and Zaragoza, Salvelinus offers the trout fisher an incredibly diverse array of fishing opportunities. From dry-fly fishing in high mountain streams and lakes holding the ‘living fossil’ that is the rare zebra trout, to streamer and nymph fishing for large brown trout and rainbow trout lower down in the valley, Salvelinus is a gateway to unlocking the region’s fantastic trout fishing.

Heli-fishing day trips can be organised at an extra cost, allowing guests the opportunity to explore untouched lakes and rivers high up in the mountains.