Pira Lodge

Pira Lodge, Argentina

Fishing for golden dorado, one of the most voracious and beautiful species to swim the planet, takes place aboard a fleet of 16-foot Hell’s Bay flats skiffs. You’ll dodge caymans and catch freshwater dorado in the 5 to 20lb class on everything from dry flies to stripped streamers.

Type of fishing

The freshwater dorado is a hard-fighting, acrobatic fish and in the clear water there are plenty of opportunities for sight fishing. Once hooked they provide a visual spectacle as they jump and make strong runs.

We use relatively light tackle for such powerful fish with floating lines and sinking heads. Popular flies include saltwater streamers and deceivers in black, purple, chartreuse and white. The guides are friendly and bilingual with an intimate knowledge of both the dorado and boating in the Ibera.