Nass River Steelhead Lodge – British Columbia, Canada

Nass River Steelhead Lodge - British Columbia, Canada

Experience what is considered by many to be the finest steelhead fishery on the planet - an extraordinarily special and productive river system set in the remote B.C. wilderness, with steelhead present in sizes and numbers seldom seen elsewhere. This is steelhead heaven.

Nass River Steelhead Lodge

Nass River Lodge offers what is arguably the finest steelhead fishing in the world. Located at the confluence of the Nass and Damdochax Rivers in northern British Columbia. This area is extremely remote and only accessible by helicopter.

The lodge accesses an area that is approximately 300km upstream of the Pacific Ocean. Although far upriver this area is extremely productive steelhead habitat. The area is one of the last intact steelhead habitats left on the planet, free of logging mining or development of any type.

The steelhead fishing here is first-class, with September and October being considered prime time. In early September steelhead are arriving each day, taking up residence in the many beautiful pools on these pristine rivers. These fresh arrivals are eager to come to the surface for dry flies. October sees the pools fully stocked with aggressive holding steelhead and can yield tremendous numbers of fish this time of the season. The steelhead that return to this area are the biggest on the Nass system with fish exceeding 20lbs caught each season.

Guests at Nass River Lodge will access over 20km of perfect steelhead fly water in jet boats and on foot by way of well kept trails and small rafts to aid in river crossings.

Anglers of all skill levels are welcome. The Guides at Nass River Lodge are extremely experienced in Speycasting instruction and enjoy introducing everyone from beginners to steelhead experts to this amazing place.