Taimen Camps

Taimen Camps, Mongolia

These are the only catch and release, fly fishing only, camps in Mongolia and are staffed by professional North American guides. Taimen are the world's largest salmonid, reaching 65" in length, and the region also offers excellent fishing for lenok, the Asian trout.

Type of fishing

The rivers in the region to be fished are clear, easy to wade and a fly fisherman’s dream. The banks are easy walking and the rivers are 40 to 120ft wide – it’s hard to imagine that fish as large as taimen can live in them!

Water conditions in Mongolia are generally quite stable; however, if the headwaters do receive a heavy rain, off-colour water conditions are possible. In the past, we have found that fishing is still possible in these conditions and the rivers generally clear quickly.

Taimen fishing in Mongolia is a lot like fly fishing for oversized Atlantic salmon or steelhead on a dry fly. It is similar because you are fishing for taimen in the current and, consequently, need to keep your fly riding high in the water. By riffle hitching a mouse, large muddler or streamer, fishermen can keep their fly twitching through the surface film. Taimen have a true weakness for flies presented in this fashion and will sometimes become completely airborne and hit your fly on their way back into the water.