Laxa i Kjos

Laxa i Kjos, Iceland

Laxa i Kjos is the centerpiece of one of the most stunning glacially-forged valleys in southern Iceland. This is an exceptional river with a luxurious lodge offering superb salmon and sea trout fishing, all within easy reach of Reykjavik.

Type of fishing

The Laxa I Kjos in southern Iceland is a dramatic and highly productive medium-sized salmon river, flowing through stunning glacial-scoured valleys and canyons. The river’s many pools and pockets are interspersed with waterfalls, rapids and cascades, making for a wonderful variety of fishing situations and countless salmon-holding lies. Along the 25kms of double-bank fishing available, there are over 80 named pools to be fished by up to 10 rods. In addition, the small Bugda tributary that joins the Laxa next to the lodge has an additional 20 named pools. The fishing is divided into 5 rotating beats, with each beat being fished by 2 rods.

The river is primarily a grilse system, though larger multi-sea winter fish do run the river early in the season. As with many Icelandic salmon rivers, the water in the Laxa I Kjos is clear, often providing fishers the opportunity to sight cast to their fish. Clear water dictates that small flies and light tackle are usually the order of the day and fishing the hitch can also be very effective here. You will seldom need anything other than a floating line, though a selection of tips and small tubes are worth bringing along.

Laxa I Kjos guests fish with one guide per two rods, all of whom speak excellent English and have fantastic knowledge of the river and its fishing. Guides also provide the necessary 4×4 transport that you will require to reach the river.

Rod-sharing is available at Laxa I Kjos and is an arrangement that many visiting anglers enjoy. Not only does this enable individuals to split the costs of the trip, but with a typical 10-hour fishing day there is still plenty of fishing time for each person to enjoy.

In addition to its large numbers of salmon, the Laxa I Kjos experiences a substantial sea trout run. Good sea trout in the 8-10lb class are not uncommon and provide fantastic sport when they make an appearance.