Kola Reserve

Kola Reserve

A new and exciting Atlantic salmon fishery located in the remote northeast of the legendary Kola Peninsula, complete with state of the art accommodation and outstanding service.

Type of fishing

The Kola Reserve is a new and exciting operation on the northeastern point of the Kola Peninsula, comprising the Lumbovka and Kachkovka Rivers. Both of these characterful rivers have thriving runs of Atlantic salmon and offer fishers the chance to explore some truly wild and remote water.

A policy of ‘leave only footprints, take only memories’ is at the core of the reserve and a decade of careful river protection has resulted in the healthy, unspoiled fishery we see today. Only barbless single and double hooks are permitted here and the fishery is strictly catch and release to help preserve the fish population for future generations.

The Kola Reserve’s rivers can be described as intimate and picturesque, often resembling some of the more rugged Scottish rivers with narrow runs and a diverse variety of pools. Every pool is accessible by foot and there is always fishable water to be found, regardless of the water conditions.