Jardines de la Reina

Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

This vast marine park, larger in size than the Florida Keys, offers adventure, amazing food - with fresh seafood every day - and complete comfort. Jardines de la Reina is full of everything - tarpon of all sizes, permit, bones, jacks and barracuda.

Type of fishing

Jardines de la Reina is the destination with almost everything, including tarpon of all sizes, permit, bonefish, jacks and barracuda.

The fishing hours are totally at your discretion and a regular day usually begins with breakfast at 7am, with the guides ready to depart from 7:45am onwards.

Most of the flats you will be fishing are within fifteen minutes of the yacht, or accommodation, so it is possible to take a lunch break in comfort and shade aboard the boat. Many of the more remote flats can produce outstanding fishing though and if the guides are planning this they will suggest it the evening before so packed lunches can be arranged for a longer stay.

You may fish late into the evening if you choose, since it is usually only a short run to get back, and as any morning wind often calms down in the afternoon, fishing later in the day can be superb, especially for bonefish.

Fishing weeks on board the yachts run from Saturday to the following Friday and a normal week includes five full days’ fishing with one to two half-days depending on your schedule and mode of transportation to Jucaro.