Hofsá, Iceland

Hofsá is a long and glorious salmon river in northern Iceland and it is blessed with the most beautiful fly fishing water. It is one of Iceland´s most prolific rivers with the salmon running 30km up to a large waterfall and it has seven beats that are perfect for a single or double–handed rod.

The river follows strict conservation measures and produces plenty of fish in the 20lb range. The landscape is stunning with a wide, braided river valley, which turns into a river canyon as you travel further upstream.

Type of fishing

As on many Icelandic rivers floating lines, small fly patterns and hitched tubes areexcellent. The river is also easily fished with single-handed rods, although given that Iceland is often windy, a double-handed rod should be available as well. Six to seven rods fish the lodge, and the five-year average is 900 salmon per year.