Grimsa, Iceland


The Grimsa is a medium-sized river in the midwest region of Borgarfjordur, which is Iceland's most prolific salmon area. Often referred to as 'The Queen of Rivers', it is both important and impressive.

Type of fishing

Not only is Grimsa one of Iceland’s most beautiful fly fishing rivers, it is also one of the few Icelandic rivers that has tradition stamped all over it and it was frequented by British nobility and other foreign visitors from as early as the late nineteenth century.

Today, as with most of Iceland’s rivers, it is primarily a grilse river but during those early days the river was famous for its huge specimen salmon and every now and then the odd monster is still spotted, bringing back memories of the golden days of yesteryear.

As on many Icelandic rivers, floating lines, small fly patterns and hitched tubes are excellent. The river is also easily fished with single-handed rods, although given that Iceland is often windy, a double-handed rod should be available as well. Eight rods fish the lodge, and the normal catch is around 1200 to 1800 salmon per year. The river is a fly only water with a voluntary, and widely practised, catch and release system. The Grimsa also has a decent run of sea trout, usually starting in early July.