Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge – Orange River, South Africa

Recreational Activities

Gkhui Gkhui Lodge offers guests a number of other exciting activities for those non-fishers who may be travelling in the group.

River Rafting:

For the adrenaline junkies out there, white water rafting will pit you against the elements, and create lasting memories for families and friends alike.

Wing Shooting and Plains Game Hunting:

With plenty of Orange River frontage, lots of inland ponds and nearby irrigation fields, there is an abundance of waterfowl on the property. During certain times of the year, the goose flocks passing overhead are vast. Birds other than waterfowl are also found in good numbers and offer a different type of challenge, such as the Orange River Francolin – one of the most-prized target species in the area.

The vegetation and topography of the area is extremely varied and, depending on the species to be hunted, this can vary from Karoo veld, bushed thickets, river vegetation and rocky hills. The hunting method is adapted to suit the area and game to be hunted, walk and stalk, ambush hunting, hunting from fully equipped Land Cruiser vehicles and hunting from blinds are all possible.