Estancia Maria Behety – Rio Grande, Argentina

Estancia Maria Behety - Rio Grande, Argentina

Estancia Maria Behety's two lodges border some of the finest water on the Rio Grande, providing access to more than 100 named pools on over 50 kilometres of river - home to the largest sea-run brown trout in the world.

Type of fishing

The Rio Grande offers the finest sea-run brown trout fishing on earth with a run that exceeds 70,000 fish on average each season. High season runs through January to end of March.

That translates into 1,000’s of sea-trout in every pool to swing your fly through, looking for the take that could mean hooking the fish of a lifetime.

The sea-run brown trout average an honest 12 pounds and one in 20 will tip the scales at better than 20 pounds. If you are a big-fish angler, the Rio Grande is the spot – these are the largest brown trout in the world, and there is no finer fishery to hook and land the largest trout of your life.

The Estancia Maria Behety is massive (158,000 acres) and borders the lion’s share of the best water on the Rio Grande, over 53 kilometers of river and 102 named pools.

Estancia Maria Behety has access to lower, middle and upper portions of the river, meaning that no matter where the trout are depending the season time, anglers can fish the appropriate pools on the river.

Each of the angling days is spent fishing in both the morning and evening.  The beats are rotated, and normally anglers will not have to repeat any pools during their stay. Fishermen return to the lodge in the heart of the ranch to enjoy a mid-day meal, and have the chance to relax for a few hours.  The lodge is only a short distance from the river, no more than half an hour to the most distant beat on the huge ranch.

At the conclusion of the angling day, fishers return to their lodge for a hot shower, hors d’oeuvres, and a wonderful Argentine meal accented by fine Argentine wines and desserts that will add a marvelous finishing touch to each day.