Dragon Valley – Upper Bavaria

Dragon Valley - Upper Bavaria

Dragon Valley comprises 6.5km of private trout and grayling fishing on the clear waters of the River Leitzach. It offers fishers endless sight-fishing opportunities for wild rainbow trout, native brown trout and trophy-sized grayling.

Type of fishing

Dragon Valley has experienced virtually no fishing pressure since the 1930s, having been fished solely by the family who control the area’s fishing rights. As a result, the river is home to a huge and healthy population of trout that will readily rise to the dry fly. Such low pressure has played a crucial role in helping to preserve the natural environment, providing fantastic sport on lightweight fly gear and the opportunity to cast to fish that have never before seen an artificial fly.

It’s not uncommon for Leitzach trout to rise for dry flies continuously throughout the day and many anglers find this the most satisfying approach, though nymphing techniques are also extremely effective, particularly when hunting the Leitzach’s specimen grayling. It’s also worth bringing a selection of larger streamers to tempt the river’s more aggressive inhabitants.

Fresh water flowing down from the mountains ensures that even in the heat of summer, fish are always active in the cool, clear water of the river.

The Leitzach experiences wonderful fly hatches, with large stoneflies forming a major part of the diet for fish living in the river, both in their nymph and adult life stages.

Casting blind into likely looking spots will result in you hooking a great deal of fish, but it pays to stalk the banks quietly to spot larger fish to cast your fly to. Because of such low fishing pressure, Dragon Valley trout are not easily spooked and often present you with multiple opportunities to set your fly down in the right location.

Naturalised rainbow trout with white-tipped fins are abundant in the river, alongside a unique strain of red and orange-spotted native German brown trout and a good number of grayling, many reaching weights in excess of 3lbs.