Don Joaquin River Lodge, Argentina

Don Joaquin River Lodge, Argentina

Experience spectacular golden dorado fishing where the Corriente and Paraná rivers meet, set against the backdrop of northern Argentina's wetland wilderness.

Type of fishing

Don Joaquín River Lodge is located in Esquina, Corrientes, sitting on the banks of the Corriente River. As it meets the Paraná River, a delta is formed, and it here that you will find some of the best golden dorado fly fishing on the planet.

Golden dorado have fast become one of the most sought-after target species for travelling fly fishers, attracted by the species’ stunningly beautiful iridescent golden scales, as well as their ferocious fighting qualities. The golden dorado is truly one of the fly fishing world’s top prizes.

Fishing for golden dorado in this area is usually with 8wt rods and either floating or sinking lines depending on the conditions and mood of the fish on any given day. Sometimes fish will want a large streamer pattern stripped deep, but at other times will smash a popper from the surface. Fishers need to be ready to set the hook hard and then hold on for the ensuing battle! You’ll need knottable wire leaders to ensure the dorado’s many sharp teeth don’t cut your line – the power of their jaws is not to be underestimated…

The golden dorado’s behaviour varies according to the area in which it lives, and you will find them holding in small carrier streams, underneath fallen trees, behind submerged stones, or in dark, open water. This makes for a really varied fishing experience as you and your guide hunt for dorado in a range of habitats.