Austral Kings

Austral Kings, Chile

Austral Kings is a new and exciting destination in Chile where you can target chrome king salmon in some of the most magnificent scenery anywhere on the planet and there is a huge run of some 50 to 60,000 of these fish into the Austral Kings river.

Type of fishing

The Austral Kings programme has access to 20 miles of river from the tidal water upstream, so you can target these chrome-bright fish right off the tides. The water is clear and the excitement of targeting these huge fish in such a stunning space is difficult to describe.

This is a very visual fishery and in the free-flowing river the fish seem to roll more than elsewhere. You will fish double-handed rods and wade most of the time, however, a boat is always at the ready. The fishing is mostly about reading the water to get the fly to perform the right swing at the right depth and it can, at times, be demanding often switching from very hard to red hot with a change in the weather.