Kharlvoka & Rynda Rivers

Atlantic Salmon Reserve

The Atlantic Salmon Reserve is the world’s first conservation area for Atlantic salmon, sea trout, wild brown trout and arctic char. The primary aim is to sustain and develop the fantastic fishing whilst preserving and protecting this pristine and uninhabited wilderness for the benefit of future generations.

Type of fishing

Russia’s magical Northern Rivers within the Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) include the Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Rynda and Zolotaya and they are considered by many to be some of the very best Atlantic salmon rivers in the world today.

All of the rivers are intimate and unique in their character and size, ranging from the challenging spring waters of the mighty Kharlovka and Litza to the charming summer pockets and pools of the Rynda and Zolotaya. While the Rynda tends to produce almost as many salmon as the Kharlovka and Litza rivers combined they all have one special quality in common – the Northern Rivers are renowned for their big salmon!

Every season the rivers produce hundreds of big, silver salmon above 20lb. To be precise, over the last two seasons some 18% of the salmon caught were over 20lb. The rivers also produce more than 30 salmon every season that are above 30lb, in addition to a couple of monsters in the 40lb class!

The northern coast of the Kola Peninsula is extremely remote and unspoiled by human intervention and with large, silver salmon on the run from early June through September, the Northern Rivers are a dream adventure for anglers young and old and the ASR with its big fish has captured the imagination of countless fly fishers.