Argentina Waters

Argentina Waters

Argentina Waters operates two lodges in central Argentina's Chubut province, where cold, clear water flowing from the Andes mountains opens up a whole world of incredible trout fishing.

Type of fishing

Argentina Waters offers visiting anglers access to two stunning fishing lodges, located within central Argentina’s Chubut province. From here you will access pristine rivers and lakes in several fishing areas including the Los Alerces National Park, the Esquel region, and the Rio Pico and Corcovado area.

The diversity of fishing to be found in these areas is outstanding, with spring creeks, large main rivers, small wild stillwaters and vast lakes all within reach, including a number of areas of private water. A range of fishing techniques can be put to use with dry flies, wet flies, streamers and nymphs all catching their share of rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout. This region is a true trout fisher’s paradise, and the choice of how to approach the water is entirely down to you.

Fisheries within the National Parks and their surrounding catchments are strictly catch-and-release, ensuring that this wonderful environment and its fish populations are protected for future generations to enjoy.

The fishing guides who will look after you during your visit are all authorised by the Chubut province and National Parks and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing these areas. They’ll work hard to put you on the fish and make your dreams come true. Typically each pair of fishers shares an Argentina Waters guide who will be equipped with all the necessary fishing tackle, safety and rafting equipment. Your fishing day typically runs from 8am – 8pm depending on the month, as daylight hours vary during the fishing season.


Los Alerces National Park

Los Alerces National Park comprises 263,000 hectares of land in the western area of the province of Chubut, forming the boundary with Chile. This area is easily reached from the main air hub of Esquel, being only 50km from the town. The park is home to more than 12 rivers and a large number of lakes, in which you will find rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout. Rivers you may fish in this area include the Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Frey and the Dona Rosa Creek, and lakes such at Laguna Larga and Lago Verde offer some fabulous stillwater variety.

Rio Pico & Corcovado Area

This region needs no introduction and is widely considered as one of the best trout fishing areas in Patagonia. If your mission is to land a true trophy fish, concentrate your efforts here. Here you have the chance to land rainbow trout as big as steelhead, brook trout as big, or even bigger, than you might find in Labrador. The Rio Corcovado is famous for its great stock of large rainbows and brook trout. The lower Rio Pico and Rio Nilson are both beautiful rivers with thousands of fish per mile. These two rivers are perfect for dry fly fishing.

Esquel Region

This region offers a huge variety of fishing waters, some of them ideally suited to floating (fishing from a raft) and others are beautiful and easy to wade. The rivers here are varied in their features and sizes and include famous names such as the Rio Futaleufu, Rio Chubut and the Rio Nant Y Fall. Argentine Waters guides also have access to private stretches of the Rio Corintos and Rio Willmanco.