Arabian Fly

Arabian Fly, Oman

Arabian Fly Sport Fishing specialise in professionally guided, bespoke saltwater fly fishing trips throughout Oman. Oman's 2,092 km of coastline is made up of sprawling sandy beaches, secluded rocky bays and sheer jagged cliffs that plunge dramatically into the ocean.

Type of fishing

Sight casting to cruising permit is a fly fisher’s dream. Here Indo-Pacific permit can be seen surfing towards shore on a wave to cruise the shallows in search of swimming crabs and shrimps, and feeding in just inches of water. It is an immensely visual and exciting experience especially for those who enjoy watching ‘the eat’ and the day is spent walking the beaches and targeting tailing fish along the shoreline.

Oman also has some of the most diverse inshore and offshore fishing available. With the drop off less than 100 meters from shore in some areas, all of the fishing is just a stone’s throw from the dock, meaning no long journeys to the fishing grounds each day so you can maximise your fishing time.

It is also easy to mix both inshore and offshore fishing in the same day. In the morning you can target species in the shallows and secluded bays such as tailing permit, bream, milkfish, queen fish, bluefish and multiple trevally species, then spend your afternoon trolling for billfish and dorado along the drop off, or casting to large tuna.