Alaska Trophy Adventures

Recommended Tackle

This is our recommended kit for your stay, with all of the items available from the Farlows stores and Farlows online.


  • Arctic Grayling: 9-10ft 5/6 wt.
  • Rainbow trout/Arctic char: 9-13ft 6/8 wt.
  • Sockeye/Chum/Pink/Coho salmon: 9-10ft 8/9 wt.
  • King salmon: 9-14ft 9/10/11 wt.



High quality, large arbor reel with a reliable drag system to match your rod.



If using a single-handed rod you’ll need weight forward floating lines to match your rod and reel, along with a selecting of sinking tips. For double-handed rods we recommend skagit lines with a range of tips.