Alaska Trophy Adventures


Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge sits on the banks of the Alagnak river, comprising 160 acres of prime river frontage. Welcoming wooden cabins are all equipped with running water, heating and electricity, guaranteeing guests a comfortable stay despite the camp’s remote wilderness location.

Guests enjoy meals in the main dining lodge located at the centre of the camp. The main lodge building is complete with sofas, a fireplace and stunning views of the river – the perfect place to relax at the end of the day, to enjoy a drink and to share stories.

All guest cabins are connected to the main lodge building via a series of wooden walkways and are also connected to the camp dock where a fleet of jet boats await. For larger groups, the ‘Swiss Chalet’ can accommodate up to 8 guests.


Food and Drink

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge offers some of the finest food to be found in the Alaskan wilderness. Guests enjoy a cooked breakfast each morning and typically take a packed lunch out on the river, though it is possible to return for a shore lunch should you wish.

Appetisers are served each day on the lodge deck at 5:30pm and dinner is usually served between 6pm and 6:30pm. Dinner menus of course include fresh salmon straight from the river, as well as Italian and Mexican-themed evenings.