Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa, Brazil

The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, located on the Agua Boa river in Brazil, is one of the Amazon's last remaining tracts of uncut and uninhabited rainforest. As well as targeting peacock bass in this clear water, guests will also enjoy prolific bird and wildlife.

Type of fishing

The fishery on the Agua Boa river is perfectly suited to fly fishing. At normal levels the water is so clear that most strikes are visible and a good percentage of your days will be spent sight fishing. It should be noted, however, that the sight fishing opportunities are dependent on light and water levels. Many anglers visit the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge strictly to sight fish for peacock bass, arowana, pacu and a host of other jungle species. While it does limit the productivity of your day, the experience of sight fishing to peacocks on white sand is, we think, something no fly fisherman should miss.

It should also be noted that Agua Boa is the Amazon’s first fly fishing only peacock bass lodge. Single barbless hooks and catch and release are required of all guests. As a general rule fish in the Amazon are built tough with razor sharp teeth or brutal strength. This makes for interesting fishing as some fish will cut you off and others will pull you straight into the structure and tangle you up.

Peacock bass do not have the razor sharp teeth, but there is not a tougher fish in freshwater. Peacock habits vary to a large degree depending on the size of the fish: small to mid-size peacocks tend to congregate around structure for both food and protection but as they get older and larger they become bullies and roam the lagoons and river channels in packs. Peacock bass are a pursuit predator, which means they will keep after their prey until it is either in their belly or on the shore and it is not uncommon to have large peacocks drive shoals of baitfish onto the shore.