Expectations were high before our group of 9 clients set off for Cosmoledo Atoll at the end of January. We had planned the trip around a large spring tide when currents can bring GTs onto the flats in huge numbers, giving our clients the best chance at the GT trip of a lifetime.

There’s only so much you can plan for a fishing trip however, and an element of unpredictability surrounds any adventure to wild parts of the world. We knew we had the tides and moon phase in our favour, but the unpredictable weather of the remote regions of the Indian Ocean means that you never truly know what to expect. Following the first sunny, calm arrival day our group faced challenging fishing conditions for most of the week, forcing us to work hard on our technique and make every cast count. Cloudy, breezy weather made sight-fishing and casting tricky. On two mornings later in the week conditions were very windy indeed, so much so that our departure from the Atoll was actually delayed by 24 hours at the end of the trip, forcing us to spend a night on the comfort of Astove Island – a final un-planned opportunity to enjoy the incredible hospitality to be found when fishing the Seychelles Outer Islands.

Despite the challenging conditions our group had a remarkably productive week, landing a whopping 146 GTs, our main target, as well as countless bonefish, triggerfish and a myriad of other exotic species. We’re happy to report that ours was the record week for the season until this point, exceeding the previous highest-scoring week by over 50 GTs!

During one memorable day, as the tide came flooding in over the turtle grass flats, a huge shoal of rays appeared, each of them being tailed by GTs, their backs rising out of the shin-deep water. Two of our clients in the right spot landed 12 GTs up to 100cm in length and had shots at another 25+, all within a 2-hour spell – simply as good as it gets!

Throughout the week we battled some monster fish and didn’t always win – rods were broken, lines were lost but great fishing stories were etched into our memories. As ever, the level of guiding, dining and hospitality at Cosmoledo Atoll is second to none in the world of saltwater fly fishing, and the new on-shore eco accommodation is outstanding – low-impact, sustainable luxury at its finest.

Our carefully planned strategy to travel with clients during the optimum moon and tide phases certainly paid off. Despite difficulties with the weather, this forward-planning ensured that the Cosmo flats were absolutely teeming with hungry GTs just waiting to eat our flies and that’s exactly what happened!

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